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78th US Women's Open at Pebble Beach

Updated: Mar 17

Conversation with Golf Leaders - Betsy King, Maria Fassi, & Mollie Marcoux Samaan

How do you calm or energize yourself before a round of golf?

This is a question I have thought about multiple times while playing golf. Controlling your emotions is a crucial part of any sport, especially golf. While at the historic Pebble Beach Golf Links, I decided to ask some professional golfers past and present their take on this question.

Betsy King: 6-time Major Winner and 34-time LPGA tour winner

Syna: I’m here with Ms. Betsy, and I have a question for you.

Ms. Betsy King: Sure

Syna: What is one thing you tell yourself before a round to calm yourself down or get yourself energized?

Ms. Betsy King: I think that trying to take each shot at a time, try to stay pretty level and not get too up too down, but obviously everybody’s a little bit nervous, you realize that, and you just try to have it not affect your game, but just stay calm in every situation.

Syna: Thank you!

Ms. Betsy King: Thank you!

Maria Fassi: Olympian & LPGA tour player

Syna: Hi, I am here with Ms. Maria Fassi, and I have a question for you.

Ms. Maria Fassi: Yes.

Syna: What do you tell yourself to calm down or get yourself energized before a tournament?

Ms. Maria Fassi: I always try to rely back on all the practice and preparation that I did prior to getting to the tournament and also Monday through Wednesday all the work that me, my caddie, my coach we did to be ready for Thursday [first day of the tournament]. I am always going to be a little bit nervous, I’m always going to be you know like a little bit anxious, but I always try to calm myself down by saying ‘hey you’ve done everything in your power, be here today and do it right, so why couldn’t it be good.’ So, like I said I still get nervous, and I still get the jitters, but I always try to just have fun and enjoy the butterflies as well…. alright well a big shoutout for, she’s way smarter than me, so make sure to listen and read her blog so awesome!

Mollie Marcoux Samaan: LPGA Commissioner

Syna: Hi, I am here with Ms. Samaan, and I have a question for you. Before you start playing a tournament or a round, what is one thing you tell yourself to calm yourself down or get yourself energized?

Ms. Mollie Samaan: Well now I am going to tell myself to call you, to see what you do, because you were amazing out there. But for me, it's to slow down, relax, and have fun because sometimes I am very quick. So I just tell myself one swing thought: to slow down. Actually, Amy Olson gave me a few tips about my swing thoughts and she said just to have one. Now my swing thought is "Amy Olson".

Syna: Thank you so much!

Ms. Mollie Samaan: No problem


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